7 rack freeze dryer

Our mid-sized system, the TSS-747 is a great choice for anyone looking to expand their freeze drying operation.

329 shelf capacity, this walk-in freeze dryer is perfect for the smaller but competitive freeze drying operation.

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freeze dryer system

Product Description


  • All stainless steel rib reinforced process chambers
  • Leybold SP630 vacuum pump with WSU 2001 blower pump
  • Engineered to size low temperature chiller -40C to 20C (package system)
  • High vacuum rated valves (roughing, fore line, vent)
  • Stainless steel electrical raceways
  • Stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • Empty chamber maintains under 10 microns pressure
  • Trays are standard 18"x26" baking sheets
  • 7-rack system

PLC Controller

  • Opto22 GROOV PLC controller
    • Opto22 open source programming
    • Compatible with all major PLC types
    • Full safety interlocks to maintain employee safety
    • user-programmable vacuum cycles
    • 96 user-programmable unique recipes
    • manual operation of all parameters with user input batch ID
    • password-level protection for operator access
    • native VPN client accessible
    • web based GROOV view interface
    • node-red open source programming available for custom programming


  • Each shelf is independently heated
  • Heat input is engineered to match sublimation requirements
  • each rolling rack has three heat control zones monitored by dual independent temperature sensors
  • Electrical control panels distribute all power to:
    • Chiller
    • Vacuum system
    • Heaters
    • Auxiliaries

TechSource Systems TSS-747 Details

Feature ManufacturerValue
Vacuum systemLeyboldSP630/1001
RefrigerationFluid Chiller Inc.140,000 BTU/hr @ -40℃
Condenser Surface Area308 ft2
Condenser Ice Capacity2200 lbs
Temperature Control Zones21
Temperature Sensors42 per
Removable Shelves47 per
Heater Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/210a
Vacuum and Mechanical Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/55a
Chiller Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/105a
Compressed AirCDA60 PSIG / 10 lpm
Chiller FluidDynaLene HC-FG
ControlsOpto-22GROOV-EPIC PLC