10 rack freeze dryer

When you need serious freeze drying capacity, the TSS-1047 is our ultimate system. See specifications here.

470 shelf capacity, this walk-in freeze dryer can bring your business to the next level.

TechSource Systems presents the TSS-1047, the ultimate freeze-drying solution with a substantial 470-shelf capacity, catering to businesses in need of serious freeze-drying capabilities. This walk-in freeze dryer boasts mechanical features such as an all-stainless-steel, rib-reinforced process chamber, Leybold SP630 vacuum pump, and a low-temperature chiller (-40C to 20C). High-vacuum-rated valves, stainless steel electrical components, and enclosures ensure robust performance. The PLC controller, utilizing Opto22 GROOV technology, offers open-source programming, safety interlocks, user-programmable vacuum cycles, and 96 unique recipes. The electrical system includes independently heated shelves, precise heat input, and rolling racks with three heat control zones, all managed by efficient electrical control panels. This advanced freeze-drying system emphasizes both performance and control.

Base unit price for turn key system with all needed components: $925,000

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TSS-1047 Large Commercial Freeze Dryer Product Description


  • All stainless steel rib reinforced process chambers
  • Leybold SP630 vacuum pump with WSU 2001 blower pump
  • Engineered to size low temperature chiller -40C to 20C (package system)
  • High vacuum rated valves (roughing, fore line, vent)
  • Stainless steel electrical raceways
  • Stainless steel electrical enclosures
  • Empty chamber maintains under 10 microns pressure
  • Trays are standard 18"x26" baking sheets
  • 4, 7, and 10-rack systems

PLC Controller

  • Opto22 GROOV PLC controller
    • Opto22 open source programming
    • Compatible with all major PLC types
    • Full safety interlocks to maintain employee safety
    • user-programmable vacuum cycles
    • 96 user-programmable unique recipes
    • manual operation of all parameters with user input batch ID
    • password-level protection for operator access
    • native VPN client accessible
    • web based GROOV view interface
    • node-red open source programming available for custom programming


  • Each shelf is independently heated
  • Heat input is engineered to match sublimation requirements
  • each rolling rack has three heat control zones monitored by dual independent temperature sensors
  • Electrical control panels distribute all power to:
    • Chiller
    • Vacuum system
    • Heaters
    • Auxiliaries

TechSource Systems TSS-1047 Details

Feature ManufacturerValue
Vacuum systemLeyboldSP630/2001
RefrigerationFluid Chiller Inc.219,000 BTU/hr @ -40℃
Condenser Surface Area440 ft2
Condenser Ice Capacity3500 lbs
Temperature Control Zones30
Temperature Sensors60 per
Removable Shelves47 per
Heater Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/250a
Vacuum and Mechanical Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/60a
Chiller Power3 phase/60Hz 460v/150a
Compressed AirCDA60 PSIG / 10 lpm
Chiller FluidDynaLene HC-FG
ControlsOpto-22GROOV-EPIC PLC