Pilot size freeze dryer

Our smallest system, the TSS-023, or "Big Baby 2.0," is a great system for small production freeze drying, or as a test platform for new products.

23 tray capacity is just enough for prototyping, testing, or small batches. You can load up to 175lb of frozen product per batch, depending on loading density.

Let's be clear, this is no scaled up home appliance grade freeze dryer, this is a truly industrial grade freeze dryer that will run fast, dry 175lb of meat in 20 hours, and deliver that kind of performance day after day for years. Yes, this grade of equipment has a higher capital cost, but it makes up for it in just a few months with the level of productivity you get out of it.

Example: This machine can dry 75 lb of Skittles in under 2 hours, whereas Harvest Right or equivalent machines take up to 3.5 hours. You can run this machine 24 x 7 to dry 20,000 lbs/month and make a half million bucks per year on Skittles.

You don't pay for this machine, the machine pays for itself plus a great deal of profit.

We have ties with equipment finance companies who can approve you in hours, your payment is likely to be about $2800/month. Your profits could be upwards of $40,000 per month.

Current price of this turn key machine is $135,000

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small commercial freeze dryer

Product Description


  • All 1" thick aerospace grade aluminum chamber
  • 23 full baking tray loading capacity, up to 8 lbs per tray
  • Leybold ND65 vacuum pump
  • Engineered to size low temperature chiller 18,000 BTU/hr at -40C (package system)
  • Ice carrying capacity of greater than 150 lbs
  • High vacuum rated valves (roughing, fore line, vent)
  • Quick connect heaters thermally bonded to each shelf
  • Changing a heater takes only minutes to do
  • Completely removable shelf rack with quick disconnect power
  • Completely cleanable and sterilizable with easy access to all surfaces
  • Operating pressure remains under 2 torr even under heavy load
  • Optional pressure control function allows pressure setpoints for extra control capability
  • Empty chamber maintains under 10 microns pressure

PLC Controller

  • Opto22 GROOV PLC controller
    • Opto22 open source programming
    • Compatible with all major PLC types
    • Full safety interlocks to maintain employee safety
    • user-programmable pressure control option
    • 96 user-programmable unique recipes
    • manual operation of all parameters with user input batch ID
    • password-level protection for operator access
    • native VPN client accessible
    • Able to be monitored and controlled by phone, tablet, PC even at home
    • web based GROOV view interface
    • node-red open source programming available for custom programming


  • Each shelf is heated with thermally bonded heater
  • Superior temperature uniformity across area of shelf
  • Heat input is engineered to match sublimation requirements
  • This machine has two temperature control zones for uniform heat top to bottom
  • Dual MEMS temperature sensors in each zone for redundancy, durability, and accuracy
  • Electrical control panels distribute all power to:
    • Chiller
    • Vacuum system
    • Heaters
    • Auxiliaries

TechSource Systems TSS-023 Details

Feature ManufacturerValue
Vacuum systemLeyboldND65
RefrigerationFluid Chiller Inc.15,000 BTU/hr @ -40℃
Condenser Surface Area36 sq ft2
Condenser Ice Capacity150 lbs
Temperature Control Zones2
Temperature Sensors2 per zone
Removable Shelves24 per
Heater Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/14a
Vacuum and Mechanical Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/6a
Chiller Power3 phase/60Hz 230v/18a
Chiller FluidDynaLene HFLO
ControlsOpto-22GROOV-EPIC PLC
WeightAppx 995 lbs
Footprint L x W x H59" x 30" x 66"
Chiller Footprint4 ft x 6 ft
Vacuum Pump FootprintInside Cabinet
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