Dry vacuum pump

The Leybold SP-630 is the new standard for freeze drying.

Our complete freeze drying systems use the Leybold SP-630 dry vacuum pumps for reliable, compact, low-maintenance systems.

Screw vacuum pumps are dry compressing backing pumps, based on the screw principle. The pumping chamber of the pump is formed by two synchronized positive displacement rotors and the housing. Since the rotors rotate in opposite directions, the chambers move steadily from the intake to the exhaust side of the pumps, resulting in a smooth pumping action.

Our comprehensive freeze drying systems feature Leybold SP-630 dry vacuum pumps, ensuring reliability, compactness, and low maintenance. These screw vacuum pumps employ dry compressing backing technology, with synchronized positive displacement rotors for smooth pumping. Advantages include reliability through vital parameter monitoring, quick cleaning in under an hour, and minimal deposits at low temperatures. Low operating costs stem from air cooling (no water required) and no need for seal gas. The pump chamber remains oil-free, eliminating contamination concerns. The Leybold SP-630 offers flexibility with multi-flange options, a flushing kit for constant cleaning, and silencing hoods for reduced noise, making it suitable for various applications.

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Screw Vacuum Pump Product Description


  • Reliability
    • Protection via monitoring vital parameters
    • Can clean in <1hr - minimizing downtime
    • Low temps reduce deposits
  • Low operating costs
    • Air cooled - no cooling water needed
    • No seal gas necessary
  • No oil in the pump chamber
    • Never any contaminated oil
    • Gear oil change every 2 years
  • Flexibility
    • Multi-flange for common applications
    • Flushing kit for constant cleaning of pump chamber
    • Silencing hoods for low noise


  • Food processing
  • Drying processes
  • Degassing
  • Freeze drying
  • Research and development


  • Direct pumping path
  • Non-contacting shaft seals
  • Cantilevered bearings eliminate a failure source
  • Pump chamber easily accessible, avoids contaminants
  • Low exhaust temperature