The Fluid Chillers Inc. Air-Ult series low temperature chiller

Your condensers need to be cooled to -40C (also -40F), or lower in order to sublimate the water out of your product and condense it on the cold plates.

The refrigeration system on a freeze dryer is often not engineered correctly, leaving your condensers underpowered, which costs you a great deal of production time.

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techsource systems fluid chillers, inc. freeze drying system

Product Description

Cost Saving

  • At TechSource Systems, we have calculated and then tested our chiller capacity to our satisfaction, so we know it works and you can be confident in it.
  • Higher performance refrigeration costs more, but it pays way more than it costs.

Why not freon?

  • Once your process cycle is done, the TechSource System switches the chiller to heat mode to melt off your cold plates.
  • By using hot liquid, the heat rate to your plates is many times faster than with freon.
  • That means you can get the ice and water out of your chamber quickly to start the next product batch, saving you hours of lost process time.


  • The chiller will utilize DynaLene HC-FG.
  • Dynalene HC-FG is a Potassium Formate/Water solution engineered to perform at low temperatures (-50°C to +218°C).
  • Dynalene is a non-toxic, non-flammable heat transfer fluid widely used in food applications.