The Fluid Chillers Inc. Air-Ult series low temperature chiller

Your condensers need to be cooled to -40C (also -40F), or lower in order to sublimate the water out of your product and condense it on the cold plates.

The refrigeration system on a freeze dryer is often not engineered correctly, leaving your condensers underpowered, which costs you a great deal of production time.

The Fluid Chillers Inc. Air-Ult series low-temperature chiller, available at TechSource Systems, ensures optimal condenser cooling at -40C, vital for sublimating water in freeze-drying processes. The chiller rectifies underpowered refrigeration systems, preventing production delays. Calculated and tested for efficiency, it guarantees cost savings through higher performance refrigeration. Unlike Freon, it switches to heat mode after each cycle, rapidly melting ice off cold plates for quicker chamber turnaround. Utilizing DynaLene HC-FG coolant, a non-toxic, non-flammable solution, it performs impeccably at low temperatures, supporting various applications, including food processing. This chiller is a reliable investment in efficient freeze-drying operations.

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Product Description

Cost Saving

  • At TechSource Systems, we have calculated and then tested our chiller capacity to our satisfaction, so we know it works and you can be confident in it.
  • Higher performance refrigeration costs more, but it pays way more than it costs.

Why not freon?

  • Once your process cycle is done, the TechSource System switches the chiller to heat mode to melt off your cold plates.
  • By using hot liquid, the heat rate to your plates is many times faster than with freon.
  • That means you can get the ice and water out of your chamber quickly to start the next product batch, saving you hours of lost process time.


  • The chiller will utilize DynaLene HC-FG.
  • Dynalene HC-FG is a Potassium Formate/Water solution engineered to perform at low temperatures (-50°C to +218°C).
  • Dynalene is a non-toxic, non-flammable heat transfer fluid widely used in food applications.