Freeze Dryer Chiller 219,000 BTU/hr

Chillers are the limiting factor in drying time, the FC-219K is specially selected for our TSS-1047 commercial freeze drying system.

This industrial freeze dryer chiller provides many benefits to commercial freeze dryer owners.

  • These recirculating cold liquid chillers use a two stage Bitzer compressor freon circuit to cool an insulated reservoir of special antifreeze made specifically for temperatures down to -50℃. The cold fluid is then pumped in a closed loop circuit from the reservoir to the freeze dryer chamber where the vapor condensers are located.
  • By using a cryo cold liquid heat transfer fluid rather than direct freon cooling in the vapor condensers you get the following huge benefits:
  • Benefit 1: No freon leaks in your vacuum chamber EVER. Because freon never goes to the chamber, you can never have freon leak out of lines inside the chamber, which is a vacuum leak that is very hard to find and fix. The freon remains outdoor inside the chiller cabinet and is only used to refrigerate the cold reservoir.
  • Benefit 2: Steady chilling load on your Bitzer compressor. Because the freon cycle only goes to and from the chilled reservoir, you never have huge swings in compressor suction and discharge pressures. The compressor runs with a maximum temperature swing of 15℃, which is much better for the life of the compressor. It is like a car that only does highway miles, it will last years longer. Furthermore, this system NEVER goes into hot gas bypass, which is one of the hardest duties on any refrigeration system. Hot gas bypass is where the refrigeration cycle is reversed during which time some liquid can get ingested into the compressor suction which is VERY hard on it. Just stand by a heat pump sometime in the winter when it goes into defrost mode, the noise can be shocking.
  • Benefit 3: Perhaps the most important benefit of all. When the freeze dryer needs to go into melt off, the heat transfer fluid is short circuited through an external heater to heat the fluid, bypassing the chilled reservoir. By doing this, you get a much quicker and more uniform heatup of the vapor condensers than you do with freon hot gas bypass. The result is a much faster turn around on your system. The time to melt is only limited by what size heater you choose for the purpose. Want a melt off in under an hour? No problem, just use a larger heater. The fluid can also be circulated much faster, which drives the heat transfer rate. Double the flow rate, double the heat transfer rate with the same delta temperature.

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