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Matt Pettit worked with many major companies to develop innovative manufacturing techniques for cutting edge products. Matt combined this experience with his roots in CVD with fresh ideas on improvements for new designs. Additionally, it led the company to the Freeze Dry Market where the years of experience in design for manufacture has disrupted the traditional 100 year old freeze dryer market and brought new technological advancements to the table.

Who We Are

TechSource Systems, LLC was founded by Matthew W. Pettit (Matt) in 2002. After years of developing unique Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) coaters from a small Research Facility to Mass Production in the United Kingdom, Matt thought it was time to return to the United States and begin consulting, designing, and engineering manufacturing equipment through his own company.

In 2019, the need for additional technical capabilities in programming and electrical for automation motivated Matt to bring in a new partner, Allen Troy Pettit (Troy), who merged his strengths into the new TechSource Systems, LLC. Troy's background in programming for automation & electrical design and his strong business background allowed the company to revolutionize the Freeze Dry Market while still servicing the CVD roots of the business. This partnership has grown the company over the past two years to a multi‐million dollar a year revenue producing powerhouse. TechSource Systems, LLC is uniquely positioned to see continued growth for years to come.

Our Mission

We exist to support our customers by addressing their unique and continuously evolving needs through relentless pursuit of improvements in equipment and processes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to disrupt the idea of business as usual. We seek to use the best technology available to influence innovation in all we do; for ourselves, our customers and society.

Why Us

We deliver exceptional customer experience through our products and our actions. We make it easy for customers to do business with us, by listening, anticipating, and responding to their needs.

Meet Our Team

Rockstars serving you at Techsource Systems.

Matt Pettit CEO Matt started Techsource with an idea and has grown it to a multimillion dollar business.
Troy Pettit COO Troy has decades of experience programming for automation, electrical design, and has a strong business background.
Logan Pettit Operations Manager Logan has 20 years experience in IT and cyber security, and is a US veteran.
Gene Ligman Sales and Marketing Gene has 20 years in sales and marketing.
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