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TechSource Systems is a company with a mission to make life easier and more profitable for manufacturers of freeze dried products of all kinds. We have developed a new series of commercial freeze dryers that are designed and built the way all freeze dryers should, using science and engineering to properly size the vacuum and refrigeration systems, manufacturing expertise to make an ultra leak tight chamber, controls expertise to make your dryer easy to control and customize for every product variant, and the common commercial sense to know that at the end of the day, what matters is to help you make more profit than ever.

These freeze dryers are new, they are big, they are fast, and they are durable. All models come with a Microsoft Surface tablet for local and remote monitoring and control.

TechSource Systems is not just a freeze-drying manufacturer; we are freeze-dryer makers who embrace the principles of science, engineering, manufacturing expertise, and common commercial sense. Our mission is to redefine the standards of freeze-drying technology, making it a catalyst for increased profitability for manufacturers across diverse product categories.

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Why TechSource?


Decreased cycle time is more money in your pocket.


Ultra durable means capital equipment that lasts longer, has less down-time and fewer repairs.


We'll help you program your recipes for the best results, every time. Because we understand the physics, we can make whatever size unit you need.


Easy to clean - saves you time cleaning so you can through your inspection faster.

Customer Support

You're our #1 and we'll support you every way we can with your equipment, process, even general freeze drying knowledge.


The fastest, most productive, and easiest to maintain freeze drying equipment you have evern owned.

We've got what you need!

Not your grandfather's system

What sets our systems apart from the rest? Here are just some of the features of our world-class freeze drying systems:

  • Superior vacuum
  • Properly sized chillers
  • Quick melt-off freeze plates
  • Easy to clean
  • Replaceable heaters
  • Rolling product racks
  • 30 temperature monitoring zones
  • Internet-enabled
Walk in food freeze dryer by TechSource Systems

The Science